dungeon map creator

dungeon map creator

And with my hacked page, some of the maps I have generated will be a lot of fun to play with as well. It's a FREE Photoshop Action Set (practically an addon). I LEARNED ENGLISH 256 YEARS AGO. Thank you for making this available to us!Dude! LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!! adventure.This is a great resource . The group there is pretty responsive. I'm not entirely comfortable with that so online is the only option for now.

This will keep my group gaming for years!You have made my Game Mistressing so much easier..... great resource!This looks awesome... but the new 4e rules state that important rooms should be a -minimum- of 8x10... and 8x8 is your maximum. I'd like larger map sizes also. DUNGEONFOG is not just a drawing tool. use these and you got some themed maps in no time!This is truly one of the best random dungeon generators i've ever seen. I can get a basic map and adjust it to my game master's needs, a great supplement to my own work. Absolutely the best resource I've found, and it's FREE!!!

YEAH. Great job with the generator. Thanks!this is nice i see some nice algorithm use in this tartarick flight+rough stone


i had an idea on how to make multilevel dungeons randomly, im not sure how easy this would be but you could have multiple dungeon levels made and line them up in a stack so to speak, and then find the places where 2 or more levels overlap eachother and place a ladder/staircase/rope/whatever there to connect the many layers into a deep dungeon.

Thanks to overwhelming support from Patreon and elsewhere, he is able to release it for free for everyone. Thanks to this generator, I'm willing to DM more than I was before b/c I know that after being stressed from work, I don't have to stress over dungeons.

Today we made the Crystal Caves of Sigil for my KotOR campaign.makes DMing easy and FUN. Any chance of a downloadable version? One of the handiest resources around.You really should include a index of what each variable does as that will help some people who dont know what each one is.I certainly agree with everyone elses thoughts about doing an offline version.. this generator is a musthave to all DM's who encounter (somtimes random unscheduled games)nice generation of maps that come out non-cluttered 90% of the time... easy to tweak click and go generator 10 out of 10 nice job!

Feature request:

It Really help.

A tool that any DM should have at his or her disposal.

Thank you.Higher resolution output please!!! My husband has been gaming for a lot longer than me, and he wishes I would DM more often.

Stumbling on little gems like this are what make me proud to be a gamer.

I wish the hallways where able to be 10ft or wider in some cases, but I can always edit them a little. Planning room descriptions now ?this is AWSOME!!

bound to find something to help slake your thirst for

Thanks!! I\'ve used the map generator to help build some dungeons for the quests that I DM for my friends. We're trying out playing online and though I made my own maps the first 2 times, this came in real handy afterwards. :DA very important resource. Together with How to be a Great GM we are have started a template set collection that comes directly from the... Save my butt many, many times.Wow, I wish I had this earlier, way easier than making level after level by hand. This is the BEST I have seen in the 10 years of web searching for RPG Maps!Well I have DMed for (like everyone else) over 10 years now.... and like them I really love this.... however I tend to DM from a laptop with NO INTERNET CONECTION..:-( so I would like to know how I could get a copy of this for use directyly from my Hard Drive.

And with my hacked page, some of the maps I have generated will be a lot of fun to play with as well. i know there are only so many, but still this helps a ton. I guess that it can show even greater and nicer maps.This is really great. Fantastic work and fast.can you add something that makes the hallway width variable?

Thanks a LOT! Good for everything from world maps, city maps, small areas, and more. It makes a cluttered map, but it would be excellent for maze-like dungeons.

As has been said before, many random generators I've seen make dungeons whose layouts just end up looking ugly and/or not making too much sense. G.Dude, its incredible. I HAVE SEX WITH EVERY OTHER GIANTESS I MEET, AND I'VE BEEN ALIVE FOR SEVEN HUNDRED THOUSAND YEARS, AND THERE AREN'T MANY GIANTESSES LEFT. Thank you.Thanks for this great tool fof GM's.It is very helpful.This is insanely useful.

Thank you very much for providing it for all to share in.Hello from Germany!

I've gotten a few rooms without any doors.

(You might want to put recommended values for normal dungeons though.) I like how you leave the contents to the DM, I tried a few that included monsters, including an RPGhost one, and it wasn't up to par with this. This is the best generator, what I ever used.

Thank you.This is the best random map generator I have found or seen. Very nice job.THis is fantastic. Check back soon...This is one of the best RMG that I\'ve come across. I can promise that i'll be back! The only thing I think is lacking is a custom seed and some means of seeing what seed produced a particular dungeon. Now we can make our own tile maps for D&D (we use FGII to play)! Incredibly Awesome Tool! A+, you are a true master!i dungeon master say : it is the best map generator I know this is a dead horse by now, but this thing is amazing. I will slay thee, giant, and take they head to the land of Ebay! What a fabulous resources! . As a programmer and AD&D-er for 30 years, I tip all of my hats to you. Simple and usefulhonestly its a great generator but maybe if it could fill in the map a lil more and leave less empty space as an option that would be kinda cool, but its a great generator, good job :)RPGplaneMapMaker makes high quality maps. My only suggestion is to generate lots of maps and save the image files on your laptop. Love it....welcome to my favorites list <3This is probably the most important site on the internet and you could make a heck of a lot of money off of Wizards of the Coast or any other gaming society... a few ads wouldn\'t kill anybody! Any chance you'll create an offline (downloadable) version of this program in the future?

If the is any way I could amplify the map so it was big enough to play on my dreams will have come true!

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