Why does Guttenberg say that writing his book and finding the helpers in life helps him to honor his daughter Jamie? Twitter Facebook Fourteen students and three staff members were killed. 2. She promotes unfounded conspiracy theories, spouts anti-Semitic hate, endorses the assassination of lawmakers, perpetuates lies about the election and horrific mass shooting events, and stalks and threatens gun violence survivors. F, What 9/11 and Parkland Taught Me About Recovery, Purpose, and Hope.”. Major social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have long tolerated and even profited from inflammatory and dangerous rhetoric. All rights reserved. His 14-year-old daughter Jaime Guttenberg was killed in the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting on February 14, 2018. Fred Guttenberg said he will remind legislators on every trip he makes to Washington D.C. how they feared for their lives during the Capitol Riots, and how that’s exactly how his 14-year-old daughter Jamie felt before she was killed. The extremist rhetoric shared online has radicalized millions and pushed some to cause violence and harm in the real world. While the national conversation around gun safety is changing, many political hurdles loom, How teens want to solve America’s school shooting problem, How gun violence has ravaged the education experience in America, Students leave social comfort zones to build stronger, safer communities, https://www.facebook.com/PBSNewsHourExtra/, Educator Voice: Dr. Justin Feldman and journalist Rachel Cohen on debates around opening schools. "I know you have met Parkland parents," wrote Guttenberg. She deserves to be censured and booted out of Congress. How about an audience at a gun safety debate in which there are pro-gun control voices and anti-gun control voices. The other is regularly the subject of homophobic and anti-Semitic slurs online, hateful comments on the accounts of his family and friends, and the recipient of violent emails that encourage his death. Jamie was 14. Jamie Guttenberg. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. 03.04.2018 - (David Berger) Der Theologe, Philosoph, Publizist, Bestsellerautor und Macher von Philosophia perennis Dr. Dr. habil. Yet, she’s not the only person who must be held accountable for the rise of hate and intolerance in our national conversation. Reviews of new movies, art, foreign and documentary films by co-chief critics A.O. She deserves to be booted out of Congress. — Fred Guttenberg (@fred_guttenberg) January 27, 2021 Greene was elected to Congress during the 2020 election but she was a private citizen when she … The PBS conversation was hosted by Sari Beth Rosenberg, NYC public school teacher, and attended by dozens of educators, school staff, parents and students. © Copyright by Extensive-Enterprises 2021. Dig Deeper: Have students read these Student Voice pieces and ask them what public policies should be enacted to decrease gun violence in the U.S. NewsHour article: How teens want to solve America’s school shooting problem (To hear more student voices on this subject, click here. In this NewsHour lesson, students will meet Fred Guttenberg, father of 14-year old Jamie Guttenberg, who was killed in the Parkland school shooting three years ago. The audience in this NewsHour Zoom was made up primarily of educators and school staff along with some parents, students and supporters of Guttenberg. ), NewsHour article: While the national conversation around gun safety is changing, many political hurdles loom, Student Voice: How gun violence has ravaged the education experience in America, Connection Challenge: Students leave social comfort zones to build stronger, safer communities, Dr. Justin Feldman, epidemiologist, speaking on PBS NewsHour EXTRA Educator Zoom On March 9, NewsHour…, As COVID lockdowns reach their anniversary, remember the past year and discuss what happens next. In 2019, hate crimes reached their highest level in more than a decade, as our country registered the highest number of hate-motivated killings since the FBI began collecting data. The quote went viral after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in 2012, and once again after the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. NewsHour Extra will not use contact information for any purpose other than our own records. Continue reading →, Jackie Robinson of the Brooklyn Dodgers, posed and ready to swing in 1954. Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene represents the very worst of our current politics. Stay up-to-date on the latest movie news. She indicated support for executing Nancy Pelosi and other prominent Democrats in Congress, endorsed a conspiracy on Facebook claiming that “that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was videotaped murdering a child during a satanic ritual” and penned a conspiracy theory on Facebook claiming “that a laser beam from space started deadly 2018 California wildfire.”. Then answer the discussion questions. “A very mature decision. Others have attracted significant online followings and levels of devotion that have resulted in the murder of innocent victims or future threats of violence. All Rights Reserved, Fred Guttenberg speaking to educators/staff and students over a PBS NewsHour EXTRA Zoom. She even claimed 9/11, which we all watched as it happened, was a lie supported by a conspiracy. “I have no comment except to say rot in hell,” Fred Guttenberg, who emerged as an outspoken gun control activist after his daughter, Jaime, died in the attack, wrote on Twitter. David Berger begründet in 67 Sekunden, warum er trotz seiner CDU-Mitgliedschaft dieses Mal mit Erst- und Zweitstimme die AfD wählen wird. Chris Hixon, 49 . Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Guttenberg's father, Fred, became a relentless and outspoken advocate for gun safety reform after his daughter's death. Continue reading →, This lesson discusses the situation at the U.S.-Mexico border with the number of detained migrant children tripling in recent weeks. If we are serious about addressing the root causes of the extreme radicalization of our politics and preserving our nation’s democratic principles, then we must call on our leaders (in the new Congress and administration) to finally hold platforms accountable for permitting extremists to organize on their sites and exploit their digital algorithms to grow their audiences. The conspiracy has exploded on Twitter, with “Hyatt Nazi” the third listed trending topic when searching the company on the social media network. The book focuses on those people in his Guttenberg’s life who helped him get through the tragedy and continue to do so. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Continue reading →. In mid-January, NewsHour EXTRA held a Zoom with Fred Guttenberg, gun safety activist, founder of Orange Ribbons for Jamie and author of a new book “Find the Helpers: What 9/11 and Parkland Taught Me About Recovery, Purpose, and Hope.”. Continue reading →, Learn more about Deb Haaland, the next secretary of the Interior. She was just 14 years old. Scott and Manohla Dargis. Fred Guttenberg, whose daughter Jaime, 14, was one of the victims of the shooting, offered Hogg his support. Fred Guttenberg, whose daughter was one of the victims in the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, put up the video on Twitter as part of … Taylor Greene attracted a large following by using social media to endorse conspiracy theories claiming that the Parkland, Sandy Hook, and Las Vegas mass shootings were staged false flag events. Summary: Today is the third anniversary of the Parkland mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Daily News Lesson: One year into COVID-19 in the U.S. They understand that after years of permitting — and in some ways helping — conspiracies proliferate online, the recent actions by companies like Facebook and Twitter to de-platform the most problematic accounts are too little, too late. Fred Guttenberg also spoke with educators about his brother who died of cancer in 2017, after being exposed to toxins as a first responder at the World Trade Center on Sept. 11th. And unfortunately, we too are not strangers to the consequences of what Apple CEO Tim Cook recently described as “a theory of technology that says all engagement is good engagement.”. Copyright © 2021 NewsHour Productions LLC. Subscribe Today Newsletters Facebook Twitter E-Edition Archives. Fred Guttenberg, who became a gun safety activist after his 14-year-old daughter Jaime was killed in Parkland, tweeted a photo of his daughter at the new member of Congress on Tuesday and asked if her beliefs had changed. Educator Voice: Jackie Robinson and the perils of freezing superheroes in time, Daily News Lesson: Asian Americans face a wave of discrimination during the pandemic, Daily News Lesson: Senate passes $1.9 trillion relief bill, Daily News Lesson: What Debra Haaland’s confirmation as interior secretary means to Native Americans, Daily News Lesson: Biden administration scrambles to respond to surge of migrant children at border. Then answer the discussion questions. ... Share to Facebook Share to Twitter … Address: 204 37th Avenue North #182 “My daughter was the toughest person I’ll ever know in my life.” — Fred Guttenberg, “You as the educators will teach about people who come out of this moment, heroes, leaders, that we don’t think of today, but you’ll be teaching about years from now.” — Fred Guttenberg on the role of educators/school staff. The good news is, Americans across the country and a growing number of lawmakers have come to understand the imperative of addressing the digital structures that allow extremists to meet online, build community, and cause such great pain and danger to those with whom they disagree. Contributors & reporters: Phil Ammann, Jason Delgado, Drew Dixon, Renzo Downey, Rick Flagg, A.G. Gancarski, Joe Henderson, Janelle Irwin, Ryan Nicol, Jacob Ogles, Scott Powers, Andrew Wilson, and Kelly Hayes. Fred Guttenberg, whose daughter was killed in the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, in 2018, challenged Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) on her stance against gun reform on Wednesday, tweeting out a video of her harassing a Parkland survivor. All this because we use our democratic system of government to advocate for the policies and investments necessary to build safer communities for us all? They deliver large audiences to extremists, some of whom are now in the halls of Congress. Why do you think Fred Guttenberg became a gun safety activist after his daughter Jamie was killed in Parkland? Yet, she’s not the only person who must be held accountable.
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